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Web Site Optimization Tips

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What are some easy things I can do to my website to make it a search engine friendly design?

Quick advice for optimizing your web site.

Everyone wants to be #1, but being in the top 10 will send your site a boost of traffic as well. SEO plays a key role in bringing web site traffic to your door. Some things to remember and implement are: Web Content - You can never have enough quality content, and the search engines love it. Placing keywords in your meta tags for keywords & descriptions help most search engines categorize your site. Also, don't forget the free & cheap keywords. The average internet user is looking for a deal, and by using the keyword "free" frequently in your page and in your keywords in your web site optimization will bring you in those deal-hunters. Keep in mind that poor search engine optimization will work against you, and if you are a novice you should seek assistance from reputable, proven web site optimization services.

Does flash make a difference in search engine optimization?

Optimizing your e-store for search engines with a flash website.

Absolutely yes! While an excellent use of technology, most search engines are not in-tune with being able to follow flash content links and index them appropriately. For a well-ranked site, the design of your e-commerce shop needs to be a search engine friendly design. This means, when flash is employed, items such as a sitemap, secondary navigation links and additional html content sections should be added. These web site search engine optimization techniques will allow the search engines to read and digest the information you have worked so hard to present in flash. This web site optimization basically covers your bases with both your audience and the search engines.

How many keywords should I target on my website for web site optimization?

Keyword search engine optimization techniques.

More about web site optimization: You definitely want to use keywords on your website as a SEO technique, but remember this: keywords are for each individual page. With this in mind, as you build out your search engine friendly design, you should use different keyword phrases to target the content on each page. The keywords should reflect closely the content their respective pages, and each page should target no more than 6 keyword phrases. Also, keyword phrases can be anywhere from one word like "SEO" or a whole phrase like "SEO Keyword Optimization". Keep this in mind as you handle your web site optimization...keyword scatter (using 15-20 keywords) can cause your internet business to not be listed under the keywords you want.

What is a "backlink" and how does it affect my web site optimization?

Backlinks and how they can affect your traffic.

About web site optimization: SEO has many facets, and one of them is called backlinks, or link backs. The general rule for web site optimization when it comes to backlinks is getting quality, authoritative websites to link to your site. While it doesn't hurt to have smaller, less known sites link to yours, the real impact can be found in these authority sites. If your site is a niche site, there is a cadre of search engine directories you can submit to both free and low-cost that can help you out. Check out DMOZ, Joe Ant and Chiff for the low-end link strategies. Remember, though, that backlinks are just one factor in determining where you come up on search engines. For a more definitive and complete overhaul, you should consult with a company that specializes in web site optimization services. Your internet business will benefit from the search engine friendly design, and most SEO services include baclkinks as part of their overall strategy.

What is search engine optimization?

How Search Engine Optimization helps your website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the primary way internet business owners can bring traffic to their website by search engine ranking. Everything about your site, from the way the pages are laid out to how many people link back to your site becomes a factor in determining your search engine ranking. An SEM (Search Engine Marketer) will usually perform web site optimization on your entire website, making each page a magnet for certain keywords. Once completed, this web site search engine optimization will be read in by the search engines and indexed appropriately. Since SEO is a cross between an art and a science, it is recommended to find a reputible SEM with excellent references and turn the job over to them.

Once I am optimized, how long will it take to get on the search engines?

Waiting for Godot, or at least a keyword ranking.

While each search engine has its own way of indexing your site, you should see results anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. The best way to tell if you are listed on a search engine is to check your web server logs to see if you are receiving traffic referrals from search engines. Some web stats packages also allow you to drill down into the search terms, helping to hone your keywords and SEO work. Important to note is that you may not come up on the terms you expected. Web site optimization is a very complex science, and people spend their days figuring out the best mechanisms to get popularity on search engines. If you become frustrated or just don't have the time, it's always safe to turn to any web site optimization services for help. It's more expensive than doing it yourself, but you also will gain much more web site traffic and save literally days of work on your internet business that you could spend growing your product lines.

I've heard hyperlinks play a huge role in search engine optimization. How does it work?

Link strategies and SEO

Hyperlinks are crucial to having a search engine friendly design on your e-commerce store website. Often called a link strategy, search engines will pick up on the links throughout your site and determine if the keywords are valid based on the link phrase (the actual text linked) and the surrounding text. To implement the best web site search engine optimization scheme for links, make sure the page you want to link to in your site has a keyword that matches the linking text, and use that linking text phrase throughout your e-shop website. Be careful though, overlinking can count against you in the search engine world. Use them often, but judiciously.

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