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Backlinks and how they can affect your traffic.

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What is a "backlink" and how does it affect my web site optimization?

Backlinks and how they can affect your traffic.

About web site optimization: SEO has many facets, and one of them is called backlinks, or link backs. The general rule for web site optimization when it comes to backlinks is getting quality, authoritative websites to link to your site. While it doesn't hurt to have smaller, less known sites link to yours, the real impact can be found in these authority sites. If your site is a niche site, there is a cadre of search engine directories you can submit to both free and low-cost that can help you out. Check out DMOZ, Joe Ant and Chiff for the low-end link strategies. Remember, though, that backlinks are just one factor in determining where you come up on search engines. For a more definitive and complete overhaul, you should consult with a company that specializes in web site optimization services. Your internet business will benefit from the search engine friendly design, and most SEO services include baclkinks as part of their overall strategy.



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