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Sales Lead Generation Tips

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My sales staff isn't technically trained to do internet lead generation but I think I need to move in that direction. What options do I have?

Internet lead generation

Internet lead generation can be outsourced to agencies that can handle all the initial contact. An inbound customer contact center can provide sales order processing, lead generation, survey management, internet chat and email contact, and web-based call centers. Your customers get the benefit of 24x7 availability, without you having to manage a round-the-clock workforce. Online and telephone surveys can pre-qualify interested parties and make your lead generation programs productive. You can avoid the ramp-costs associated with building a call center and still have a quality lead generation program.

Can sales lead generation help me close more sales?

Sales lead generation

Sales lead generation makes sure that your salespeople get targeted leads to call. You can hire outside agencies to deliver leads to you or use lead generation software to help you track and forecast leads. Connect your marketing department with your sales department by tracking which marketing activities are leading to qualified leads. Sales lead generation software lets you mine the data you already have as well as improve your sales forecasting and ROI. Internet lead generation can deliver sales leads to predefined channels, partners, and field sales managers. Lead generation programs should be seen as part of your overall customer relationship management and integrated into your business.

My sales force is far-flung. Can sales lead software still be effective?

Sales lead software for world-wide sales force

Sales lead software should let you track performance utilizing a variety of metrics. Analyze individual performance, group or team performance, geographical performance, and campain performance. Look for sales lead software that can import your leads from different sources, so you can have everything in the same place. Track the performance of individuals and assign your highest quality leads to your high performing sales people. With all your leads in one place, sales lead software can predict future sales better, allowing you to better plan and manage your resources, warehouses, and costs. Make sure that contact information can be updated in real-time so that remote personnel have access to the same information as your local sales people and can equally contribute their updated information. Make sure your sales lead software can deliver a variety of reports, allowing you to pinpoint sales lead generation effectiveness across a variety of perspectives.

I don't want to pay for leads that don't turn into sales. How do I know which lead generation programs work for me?

Lead generation programs that work

Lead generation programs that are integrated with the rest of your business processes let you gather and track leads from all areas of your enterprise, including customer support, web portals, and your existing sales force. Remote sales people can have access to the same information as your in-house staff with internet lead generation. Your lead generation programs can gather leads from outbound telephone calls, mailers, electronic direct marketing, and online web events. Most leads don't turn into customers without a concerted effort. Schedule follow up calls and mailers with new information and offers. At the end of any lead generation program, analyze the results carefully to make sure you're getting the quality leads--and that a high percentage of those turn into customers.

Our sales cycles are too long. What can lead generation software do to help us?

Shortening sales cycles with lead generation software

Lead generation software delivers targeted leads from a variety of sources. Use your existing channels and branch out into newer channels, tracking which leads deliver the most ROI. Comprehensive contact and list management should be included in your lead generation software. Ideally, lead generation programs help you shorten your sales cycle because you are starting contact with prospects who are already interested in your products, eliminating the time you spend communicating with the tire-kickers who aren't really interested. Lead generation software can quickly pay for itself because your sales people will spend less time tracking down potential customers and more time closing deals. You'll also be able to better predict sales cycles and take alternate action during upcoming slow times.

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