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How can I improve my ebusiness software sales?

How can I improve my ebusiness software sales?

Despite all the other cool stuff you may have on your web site, if your ebusiness solution makes it hard on the user to buy things, they'll leave and buy elsewhere. Make the shopping experience as easy to use as possible. Amazingly enough, when online shoppers are polled they typically list ease of use as a higher criteria than low prices when they need to use ebusiness software. Customer satisfaction goes down the more pages they have to view to make their purchase so streamline your shopping experience. First, make sure your customers can find what they want to buy. Make sure the way to your shopping cart itself is clearly labeled and easy to find. Make sure the pricing is communicated as early as possible, including sales tax and shipping information so your customers can evaluate the total cost upfront.

How much should I pay for an ecommerce shopping cart solution?

How Much is Too Much?

How much should you pay for an ecommerce shopping cart solution? It depends on what you want. ASP ecommerce shopping cart solutions usually bill monthly and run anywhere from about $40 to $300 and more per month. More money usually buys more bandwidth, space and access to tools. You can also expect to pay a transaction fee. Software solutions can come with an initial lower cost, or even free with open-source software. Extra costs will depend on which merchant account/credit card processor you choose to work with. But just about all of them charge both monthly and transaction fees.

How important is scalability in an ecommerce shopping cart solution?

Don't Forget Scalability

Scalability in your ebusiness software is critical to your ultimate success as an ebusiness. Remember, you expect your business to grow over time. You don't want to be stuck with an ecommerce shopping cart solution that can't grow with you. If you go with the ASP model, it's usually relatively easy to upgrade to a more robust and full-featured plan. If you go with the software model, make sure it either has everything you need to start -- affiliate system, email responders, ad trackers -- or that it has modules for these services that can be added at a later date.

How does Web 2.0 change shopping cart software?

Drag and Drop With Ajax

Web 2.0 and Ajax are making some big changes to the traditional ecommerce shopping cart solution. Ajax -- Asynchronous Javascript and XML -- allows web pages to perform functions without reloading. In terms of e-commerce shopping carts, this means consumers using an Ajax-based shopping cart can simply drag and drop items into a web-based shopping cart, instead of having to move them one-by-one, with a page refresh each time. What does this mean? For users, it's going to be a lot easier to move items in and out of a shopping cart. For merchants, it's a chance to offer a shopping experience that better mimics traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. Ajax can be complicated and many developers aren't all that familiar with it yet. But if you run an e-commerce site and are looking to improve your e-business software, this is definitely worth looking at.

How much ecommerce automation can I do?

Spend More Time Building, Less Time Running Your Business

If you set up your ecommerce business with the right ebusiness software combination, you should be able to automate many of your ecommerce business processes, making it easier to sell more with less day-to-day effort managing the sales process. To do this, you really need an integrated ebusiness software package that can handle not only but the entire pre- and post-sales process as well. There are all kinds of tunrkey ecommerce shopping cart solutions that offer these packages at different price points.

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