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Email Marketing Tips

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How do I avoid being considered as a spammer?

CAN SPAM Laws and legal email marketing.

In 2003, congress passed the CAN SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) aimed at controlling the burgeoning mass of Spam email sent daily. In short, your email campaigns are considered SPAM if they meet any of the following criteria: 1) It contains false or misleading header information such as name, to, from. 2) It has a deceptive subject line. 3) The email does not allow a person to opt-out of receiving future mailings. 4) The email itself must mention it is an advertisement, and contain the sender's physical address.

How can I build my customer base quickly?

Building bridges through email marketing.

About email marketing: Most small businesses consider email an excellent way to keep in touch with your customer, but did you know it's a great way to build a customer base? By collecting email addresses of visitors to your website, you are creating an email marketing campaign! Remember, there are spam laws and you should make sure the emails are both wanted and informative, but sending your mailing list a monthly newsletter with special deals you are offering is a great start to direct email marketing.

Is there a best time to send out my email marketing?

Send the word, but send it at the right time.

For email campaigns, the best time of day to send your direct email marketing is early in the morning between Tuesday and Thursday. The logic is this: People are bogged down on Mondays with mail from over the weekend, and on Fridays they are wrapping up the previous week. Another thing to remember is to avoid mailing on holidays as people generally are away from their computers. Set your schedule for email campaigns early, and avoid late December and early January in your email marketing.

I have a customer list I need to send mails to every week. What should I do?

Leveraging your existing customer base with email.

More about email marketing: First, decide the content and format of the emails. If you want a more colorful and stylized email, you will want to send HTML email. It requires more design and layout work than a traditional text-only email, but serves as a more effective way of email marketing. Next, you will want to add effective content to your mail. Sending a big ad is not the way run your email campaign. Make sure your newsletter has relevant content that the subscribers will be interested in. If your site is related to dogs, for example, do not send an ad-heavy email to your members about birds. Lastly, once you have decided the content and layout, you will need an email marketing software package. Some software will handle CRM and multiple mailing lists while others are strictly a mass email package. Get the one that suits your needs, and soon you'll find people clamoring to get on a mailing list for your informative newsletters!

What are some email marketing goals I can set for my online business?

Successful email marketing campaign advice

When setting up email campaigns, your goals should be not only driving customers to your ecommerce web site, but you also should funnel your customers to a purchase or call to action on your online store. Also, it can be a challenge sometimes to get someone to even read the email marketing you send them. You should make the title succinct but catchy. If you can gain their interest in the subject line, you are on your way to a successful direct email marketing approach.

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