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CGI Shopping Carts Tips

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Can I teach myself cgi using a cgi tutorial?

Can I teach myself cgi using a cgi tutorial?

Cgi is a scripting language that essentially acts as an interface between a web browser and the server, letting you pass data back and forth. You can use to add dynamic actions to your web site. Things like hit counters, cig shopping carts, and guest books are often built using cgi scripts. Go through an online cgi tutorial to learn the basics. You'll need to make sure your web hosting service supports cgi, although most do these days. Adding interactive elements to your web site can help keep visitors coming back. And cgi commerce scripts, like shopping carts, can let you earn some income from your web site.

Can a cgi script shopping cart work on any web site?

Can a cgi script shopping cart work on any web site?

No, cgi scripts need to be supported by your web server. Contact your web hosting company and find out whether they support cgi and perl. If they do, then you can install a cgi shopping cart. Take a cgi tutorial to learn the basics of cgi and perl. Download an open source cgi script shopping cart and modify it to meet your needs. Perl and cgi have been around a long time and most hosting companies support them.

What is a cgi shopping cart?

CGI shopping cart software

There are several different scripting languages that can be used to build shopping carts, including cgi, asp, and perl. Different web servers support languages and you'll need to get a cgi shopping cart if your server supports cgi scripts. Your customer cannot tell if you are using a cig script shopping cart or something else. All they care about is whether it works efficiently and reliably. There are open source cig shopping carts that you can download and modify to suit your purposes if your technically inclined.

I want to create a perl shopping cart. How co I get started?

Perl shopping carts

Perl and CGI work together to pass data back and forth between web pages and web servers. You can take an online cgi tutorial to learn the basics. Then find an open source perl shopping and start modifying it to reflect your own needs. Perl and CGI commerce tools have been around a long time. They are readily available and can be learned by those with a technical bend.

What can a cgi script shopping cart do?

What can a cgi script shopping cart do?

The capabilities of a cgi shopping cart are more dependent upon the skill of the programmer than any built-in limitations of the scripting language. Programmers can build a cgi commerce package that lets you modify your inventory, add or delete products from your online store, and work with a wide variety of internet merchant accounts. A poorly designed cgi shopping cart can frustrate your potential customers and cause you to lose sales, so make sure you select or build one that will help you gain sales, not lose them.

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