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ecommerce Web Hosting Tips

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Does ecommerce hosting stand alone?

Look for Ecommerce Hosting That Works With Other Systems

Ecommerce hosting is a must in today's online based world. However, ecommerce hosting isn't the only thing you need to run your shop. An ideal ecommerce solution should:

  • Work seamlessly with your choice of payment processing systems, from Paypal to Mastercard.
  • Conduct credit-card and payment processing in real time.
  • Download sales information to Quickbooks so that you can calculate balance sheets and quarterly taxes with ease.
  • Easily keep track of your inventory with an online tracking system that frees up your time.

What should I look for in ecommerce web hosting for my ecommerce site?

Choosing the best ecommerce web hosting service.

About ecommerce web hosting: When it comes to ecommerce hosting, several criteria need to be checked with your ecommerce web hosting service. First, check to make sure your site will not exceed your service's allowed hard drive space. Second, check to make sure you will not exceed the dedicated transfer allowance (usually 1GB of data). Depending on your needs, you may want to use your ecommerce web hosting service to obtain an SSL certificate, merchant account for Credit Cards and more.

How much will online store hosting cost?

Pay for the performance.

The old addage "You get what you pay for" can apply easily to online store hosting. Going with a cut-rate ecommerce web hosting service can save you a few bucks up front, but are usually not good for the long run. Hosting prices depend on the number of web sites or e-stores on each server. The more you pay, generally, the less people you share that server with. In turn, the less web sites on the server, the more resources that machine can dedicate to your ecommerce hosting and online business. If a server has too many internet business e-shops running on it, the speed at which the web pages are sent out slows down. Generally, for an online store, you should be looking at anywhere from $40 to $140 per month depending on your specific needs.

Should I choose to run my service / store on Unix or Windows?

Unix -v- Windows for ecommerce hosting

Very rarely will the choice of ecommerce web site hosting operating system limit or boost your chances of success. In most cases, Unix/Linux ecommerce web hosting services are cheaper and considered by some more reliable, whereas Microsoft Windows ecommerce hosting is easily available and more user friendly for administration.

What are the benefits of opening an online store or service?

Move That Store Online!

Having an online store can open the doors to thousands of customers provided your store is easy to use and well-advertised on the search engines. Like your traditional stores, the doors need to be open to make sales. In choosing your online store hosting provider, make sure you choose an ecommerce web hosting service that is reliable and guarantees server uptime

What is one of the more important services my ecommerce web hosting service should offer?

Support, Support, Support

More about ecommerce web hosting: There are three things you should be looking for in an ecommerce web hosting service. Support, support & support. Having 24/7 technical support available may not seem important, but when your small business web site has a problem, you will wish you had full-time support. Most robust plans offered by online store hosting will include technical support, but you definitely want a live person to speak to that understands exactly what you need.

What level of service do I need from my Ecommerce Web Hosting service?

Web Hosting Service Needs for Ecommerce Web Sites.

Most ecommerce web hosting services will offer several options of service depending on how large your online business is. Some criteria that can help you determine the needs of your e-store are Disk Space (how many MB of files will you store on the server), Data Transfer (how much data will your website use each month), Database needs and number of email boxes. Having this information ready ahead of time can help you decide which professional web hosting and ecommerce service to use.

Do ecommerce web hosting software solutions help make shipping easier?

Getting the Goods to Their New Home With Ecommerce Web Hosting Software

As you look at the different ecommerce web hosting software packages, don't forget that you need to do more than simply sell products and collect funds. You also need to send these products to their new homes. A good e-commerce package, such as those from Network Solutions, will:

  • Offer the capability to easily check shipping rates from all the major shipping companies.
  • Enable you to create your own shipping policies and charges.
  • Allow you to specify rates for locations outside of your country or refuse sales to countries you do not want to ship to.

Do I need anything besides a site through an ecommerce web hosting company to make sales?

Create a Merchant Account to Work With Your Ecommerce Web Hosting Site

Once you select an ecommerce web hosting service and add your products to it, you're ready to start selling products, right? Actually, there is something else you will need to do first. To sell your items successfully, you will need to be able to collect payment.

Your ecommerce web hosting company should seamlessly connect to the payment processors you choose, but you'll need to set up accounts with these companies. Paypal and Google Checkout are the easiest options to use, but you may lose sales if you don't also set up a merchant account with a bank that can process credit card transactions directly.

How do I choose the best e-commerce web hosting solution for my business?

Choosing the Best E-commerce Web Hosting Solution for Your Business

There are so many e-commerce web hosting options. How can you be sure that you've selected the right one for your small business? While some business owners may try time-tested strategies like a round of "eenie, meenie, miney, moe," taking a close look at the options the e-commerce providers offers is probably a safer way to make your choice. To select the best e-commerce web hosting solution for your small business, you should:

  • Make sure there aren't added costs, such as transaction fees.
  • Be sure that your e-shop will be flexible enough to handle different variations of the same product. It should allow customers to select different sizes and styles.
  • Look for great customer service. If you have a problem at 3 a.m., is there a customer service rep available to give you a hand? With Network Solutions, the answer is yes.

What is an ecommerce web hosting service?

Its all about the services.

An ecommerce web hosting service is a web hosting service that speializes in ecommerce and serving your web store. This means that the professional web hosting and ecommerce company can provide a level of services ranging from plain-jane hosting to shopping carts and credit card processing. Usually, ecommerce hosting agencies will package a series of services together for ecommerce web hosting, providing a one-price solution to your many needs.

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