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Shopping Cart Design Tips

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Is there any way to add excitement to my ecommerce solutions site?

Splash Pages for Ecommerce Solutions

As you set up your new shopping cart using your ecommerce solutions software, you may be feeling like you are missing something. Don't other people have sites with a bit more excitement? You may be thinking of a splash page. The fact is splash pages are not recommended for SEO purposes, and may distract a user from purchase because it's not directly attributed to shopping and adds an extra click to access the point of sale.

Splash pages are like decoration on a cake. It isn't essential and distracts from the cake's taste. So remember that:

•If sales go down, the page may be hurting you instead of helping. Some goods and services simply don't benefit from a splash page.
•The shopping cart should never be more than one click from the front page of the site.

Do I really need a logo for my e-commerce shopping cart site?

Get a Logo for Your E-commerce Shopping Cart Site

Have you put off getting a logo for your e-commerce shopping cart site because you think a logo just isn't that important? If so, take a moment to picture Nike without the swoosh or McDonalds without the arches.

Logos are a big part of a company's image and can help visitors remember that your site was the one they wanted to buy products from. Having a logo professionally designed is well worth the expense, since it is going to be the first thing most of your customers see and is a big part of your company's branding strategy.

There are many ways to look for a logo designer. Try searching for one online, or better yet, why not search for graphic or art students at your local college or university? This is just one way you can affordably create your own logo.

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