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Online Payment Gateway Tips

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Does my company's credit affect my ability to set up an online payment gateway for e-commerce solutions?

Credit Matters When You Set Up an Online Payment Gateway for E-commerce Solutions

If your company has good credit, you probably will never realize that poor credit would affect your search for an online payment gateway for e-commerce solutions. However, the truth is, a company with terrible credit can have trouble finding an online payment gateway with competitive fees. Be sure your company's credit is in good shape before you venture into the online world.

  • Be sure you pay bills on time. If you are tight on cash, talk to the vendors you owe about setting up an account with delayed billing before you miss payment deadlines.
  • If you have a new company, you may not have any credit, which can also be a problem. Ask your bank about setting up a credit card in your business name to start building credit for your company.

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