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Web Site Traffic Tips

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How do I choose the right keywords to increase my web site traffic?

Measure twice, keyword once.

Choosing keywords for your website is not an easy task and a well-thought strategy will require research on your part. You should choose keywords that reflect not only the nature of your site, but are highly-ranked keywords that will bring a good web site roi. Some good free tools are out there such as the Google Keyword Sandbox ( and Overture (, but each of these will only give you insight into a single search engine. For a broader research view, WordTracker ( is a great tool. There is a fee for using wordtracker, but choosing the right universal keywords can be the difference in your internet business web site traffic.

How does Pay Per Click work for getting traffic to my e-store?

Paying for the traffic: PPC and your web site traffic.

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a way to promote your online e-commerce shop and bring in web traffic in a cost-effective manner. Put simply, PPC allows you to place a "bid" on a keyword. For example, if you sell shoes, you may want to bid on the keyword "shoes". Depending on your bid, your ad and link to your site will rise higher in the special "sponsored listings" section of the search engine. Some PPC search engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN and Overture. A good PPC strategy is to spread some money between the various search engine PPC programs, and see which ones generate better web traffic to your site. Also, be sure to test different, related keywords. In our example of shoes, one could find people looking for "dress shoes", "sneakers", etc. Remove the bad-performing keywords, keep the good ones, and you will find web site traffic increasing with valuable, qualified leads.

How much should I spend on generating traffic for my internet business?

Generating traffic and mitigating your risk.

More about web site traffic: Its not a matter of what you spend, but how wisely you spend it when it comes to web site traffic. When using pay-per-click bidding to generate traffic, you should be sure to track how much you are spending, how many clicks you are getting, and how many conversions you are then receiving from that traffic. Based on these numbers, you can use the formula R=(S*C)/V to figure your web site roi. S is your spending per click, C is the number of clicks you receive, and V is the Valid conversions you receive at your e-shop. In your analysis, you may find a better business model is to work off large traffic volumes, reinvesting most of that profit into more Pay-Per-Click web traffic.

I need more customers! How can I get more traffic to my internet business?

Blow Up your Business Website with Traffic

About web site traffic: There are several strategies you can employ to bring more traffic to your website. First, remember that for you to increase web site traffic in a competitive marketplace, you *will* have to lay out some money; whether for an SEO specialist or for Pay-per-click keywords. Once you have set up a budget, you can start to test certain methods of increasing your web site traffic. Google AdWords program is a great way to start researching keywords that are related to your website, and set up a budget with a fixed cap of how much you want to spend each day. Once your internet business starts to get conversions, it's a good idea to increase the budget on the best performing PPC keywords to bring in more traffic and even more conversions.

Which search engine directories are good to increase web site traffic?

Directory Assistance.

There are a multitude of search engine directories out there, some free and some paid. It is always a good idea to start with free directories for increasing your web site traffic, and it is said that the directories play a part in your organic listings on other search engines. The best place to start is with DMOZ ( which is the Open Directory Project. Now, one thing to note is that free directories do not have a support staff and usually are either solely run by the owner or use volunteers to edit the categories. It may take several months before you notice the directory sending you traffic from your web stats. Other directories, such as Yahoo, will charge a $299 fee per year but also promise to list your small business web site in about a week, helping to see a quicker impact in web site traffic on your side.

How do I know if I have web site traffic analysis on my server?

Web Stats: The way to read your customers.

Depending on your web host, you may or may not have a web traffic analysis sofware package installed on your server. Check with your web host to see if they have a web stats package available as an included service or if you need to add it for an additional fee to your account. Either way, web site traffic is your company's life blood. Having a good analysis of the statistics is worth the cost as it will help you increase web site traffic for your internet business. Packages such as Urchin (recently purchased by Google), WebStat, LiveStats and WebTrends all bring your member behavior to a point-and-click interface.

Does speed of my site have any impact on my web traffic?

Only go 55 on the highway, not your website.

While fresh, informative content is definitely a need for bringing in web site traffic, you need to make sure your pages are not bogged down and are so large that they become slow. Slow rendering pages are not only bad for search engine optimization, but also bad for your customers. The average wait time for a web page on a 56K modem is under 10 seconds. If your page takes longer than that to load, you will not be actualizing your web traffic and probably throwing advertising dollars out the window. Most web stats packages such as Urchin or Media House Live Stats will shed some light on your page load times, but you should test with a dial-up connection. Remember, 50% of all internet sessions are still dial up, so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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