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Paying for the traffic: PPC and your web site traffic.

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How does Pay Per Click work for getting traffic to my e-store?

Paying for the traffic: PPC and your web site traffic.

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a way to promote your online e-commerce shop and bring in web traffic in a cost-effective manner. Put simply, PPC allows you to place a "bid" on a keyword. For example, if you sell shoes, you may want to bid on the keyword "shoes". Depending on your bid, your ad and link to your site will rise higher in the special "sponsored listings" section of the search engine. Some PPC search engines include Google, Yahoo, MSN and Overture. A good PPC strategy is to spread some money between the various search engine PPC programs, and see which ones generate better web traffic to your site. Also, be sure to test different, related keywords. In our example of shoes, one could find people looking for "dress shoes", "sneakers", etc. Remove the bad-performing keywords, keep the good ones, and you will find web site traffic increasing with valuable, qualified leads.



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