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ASP Shopping Carts Tips

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How does an ASP shopping cart work?

ASP Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Some of the best-known ASP ecommerce shopping cart solutions include Internet giants like Yahoo and, as well as dedicated ecommerce providers. The advantages of an ASP ecommerce shopping cart solution include ease of use and that they require little or no IT services. The main disadvantage is that you are using someone else's software and have to conform to their business rules. ASP e-comerce shopping cart solutions are almost always billed monthly and you can expect to pay out a small percentage of each transaction as well.

What is ASP?

What is ASP?

Hosted software is also called ASP, which stands for Application Software Provider. You might be used to buying software, getting a CD, and installing it on your computer. With ASP software, it is running on someone else's computers. You log into your account and run the software over the Internet. You are always using the most up-to-date version because someone else is responsible for installing updates. You can work from different locations and different computers because the ASP software is running on a server connected to the Internet.

What are the fees associated with an ASP shopping cart?

What are the fees associated with an ASP shopping cart?

Typically, the startup costs and maintenance costs are lower for an ASP shopping cart than for non-hosted shopping cart software, meaning less risk for you. You don't need to have much technical knowledge, install updates, or worry about taking an ASP tutorial because the ASP shopping cart provider is taking care of things for you. ASP shopping cart services can be run and maintained from any location, as long as you have Internet access. You will typically pay a monthly fee, a transaction fee, and perhaps a percentage of the transaction as well. You might also have to pay extra for advanced features such as auto responders, and coupons.

Why do I want an ASP shopping cart?

ASP shopping cart

ASP (Application Software Provider) software means you don't have to worry about the actual files and other "nuts and bolts" issues of maintaining your shopping cart. because someone else is providing it to you. There are no files on your hard drive, no updates to install, and no scripts to worry about. The ASP shopping cart resides on the provider's servers, not your hard drive. You can maintain your ASP shopping cart from anywhere with Internet access by logging into your account and making the changes. Start up costs are typically lower with an ASP shopping cart and can be managed by someone with less technical expertise.

What is ASP software?

What is ASP software?

ASP software can refer to two different things. ASP can stand for Application Software Provider and refers to someone who provides hosted software solutions. You lease access to the software and get regular updates for free, while the ASP provider is responsible for all maintenance and support. ASP can also stand for Active Server Pages, a Microsoft-based platform for building dynamic web pages.

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