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Web Site Maintenance Tips

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What happens if I want to add a new email address to my internet business website?

Mainaining current email accounts on your ecommerce website.

Web site maintenance advice: Generally, there is a web site management tool that your web hosting service will provide. Through this interface, you should be able to add a new mailbox, delete old mailboxes, forward emails from a dummy email account and even read & respond to emails. Each ecommerce hosting service has a unique web site management tool, so work with your hosting provider to get directions on what to do. In no time, you can have email addresses for your internet business.

If my web site crashes, what happens?

Backing up your site: the doomsday plan.

Web hosting services provide backup service as part of their web site maintenance plan. However, the time that backups occur is what separates the better services from others. Make sure your web site maintenance program includes database backup if your internet business uses one, and that it happens at least every day. Services that offer reliable backup service may cost slightly more, but to protect your data, it is worth it.

My ecommerce web hosting service offers a control panel. Will that help me with my web site maintenance?

Web Host control panels and web site management.

Definitely. Your web site has a lot going on behind the scenes, and the best way to handle your web site management is through a tool provided by the ecommerce web hosting service. Hosting companies will offer a vairety of tools, but general staples in the web site management tool set are mail controls, DNS controls and service requests / help ticketing services. However, while it is easy to poke around the tool sets, if you do not know what you are doing, there is serious damage you can do to your site. Be sure to read and follow the instructions, and when in doubt ask a question to your web host staff.

What size does my site need to be to require a web site management service?

Size is not important…when it comes to web site management.

Size has less to do with web site maintenance in contrast to time and need. Some online retail businesses choose to handle their own web site management because they want more control and it saves money. The thing to keep in mind is time spent. If you spend three hours a day handling web site maintenance, you may be better served spending that time making sales and product decisions for your e-store and turning the daily operations over to a web site management service. Also, web site management turned over to a professional will ensure your site remains running smoothly.

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