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Only go 55 on the highway, not your website.

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Does speed of my site have any impact on my web traffic?

Only go 55 on the highway, not your website.

While fresh, informative content is definitely a need for bringing in web site traffic, you need to make sure your pages are not bogged down and are so large that they become slow. Slow rendering pages are not only bad for search engine optimization, but also bad for your customers. The average wait time for a web page on a 56K modem is under 10 seconds. If your page takes longer than that to load, you will not be actualizing your web traffic and probably throwing advertising dollars out the window. Most web stats packages such as Urchin or Media House Live Stats will shed some light on your page load times, but you should test with a dial-up connection. Remember, 50% of all internet sessions are still dial up, so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.



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