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Leveraging your existing customer base with email.

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I have a customer list I need to send mails to every week. What should I do?

Leveraging your existing customer base with email.

More about email marketing: First, decide the content and format of the emails. If you want a more colorful and stylized email, you will want to send HTML email. It requires more design and layout work than a traditional text-only email, but serves as a more effective way of email marketing. Next, you will want to add effective content to your mail. Sending a big ad is not the way run your email campaign. Make sure your newsletter has relevant content that the subscribers will be interested in. If your site is related to dogs, for example, do not send an ad-heavy email to your members about birds. Lastly, once you have decided the content and layout, you will need an email marketing software package. Some software will handle CRM and multiple mailing lists while others are strictly a mass email package. Get the one that suits your needs, and soon you'll find people clamoring to get on a mailing list for your informative newsletters!



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