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Drag and Drop With Ajax

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How does Web 2.0 change shopping cart software?

Drag and Drop With Ajax

Web 2.0 and Ajax are making some big changes to the traditional ecommerce shopping cart solution. Ajax -- Asynchronous Javascript and XML -- allows web pages to perform functions without reloading. In terms of e-commerce shopping carts, this means consumers using an Ajax-based shopping cart can simply drag and drop items into a web-based shopping cart, instead of having to move them one-by-one, with a page refresh each time. What does this mean? For users, it's going to be a lot easier to move items in and out of a shopping cart. For merchants, it's a chance to offer a shopping experience that better mimics traditional brick-and-mortar shopping. Ajax can be complicated and many developers aren't all that familiar with it yet. But if you run an e-commerce site and are looking to improve your e-business software, this is definitely worth looking at.



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