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Waiting for Godot, or at least a keyword ranking.

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Once I am optimized, how long will it take to get on the search engines?

Waiting for Godot, or at least a keyword ranking.

While each search engine has its own way of indexing your site, you should see results anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. The best way to tell if you are listed on a search engine is to check your web server logs to see if you are receiving traffic referrals from search engines. Some web stats packages also allow you to drill down into the search terms, helping to hone your keywords and SEO work. Important to note is that you may not come up on the terms you expected. Web site optimization is a very complex science, and people spend their days figuring out the best mechanisms to get popularity on search engines. If you become frustrated or just don't have the time, it's always safe to turn to any web site optimization services for help. It's more expensive than doing it yourself, but you also will gain much more web site traffic and save literally days of work on your internet business that you could spend growing your product lines.



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