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Quick advice for optimizing your web site.

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What are some easy things I can do to my website to make it a search engine friendly design?

Quick advice for optimizing your web site.

Everyone wants to be #1, but being in the top 10 will send your site a boost of traffic as well. SEO plays a key role in bringing web site traffic to your door. Some things to remember and implement are: Web Content - You can never have enough quality content, and the search engines love it. Placing keywords in your meta tags for keywords & descriptions help most search engines categorize your site. Also, don't forget the free & cheap keywords. The average internet user is looking for a deal, and by using the keyword "free" frequently in your page and in your keywords in your web site optimization will bring you in those deal-hunters. Keep in mind that poor search engine optimization will work against you, and if you are a novice you should seek assistance from reputable, proven web site optimization services.



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