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Placing ALT text in images.

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What are "alt" tags and how do they play into my ecommerce web site design.

Placing ALT text in images.

Remember, you are designing your webstore for two distinct audiences…your customers and the search engines. A well-thought ecommerce web site design accounts for both. Alt tags play a helpful role for the search engine audience. In an HTML image tag, one field is called alt. This field is used for putting in text that shows up when a viewer hovers their mouse over an image. Also, Alt text is picked up on and read by most web accessibility programs. Therefore, it is important to place keywords into the alt tags but, at the same time, make sure the tag itself is a readable sentence that describes the image and what it does. Alt tags are just one facet of effective ecommerce web design, but one that should not be overlooked in your ecommerce web site development.



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