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Advertising management for online ads

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I've been running ads in various places, but frankly I can't tell whether they've done any good or not. What kind of advertising management can I do t

Advertising management for online ads

Advertising management can help a lot. First, you might want to set up different landing pages on your web site for different ads, so you can give people exactly what they are looking for, very quickly. Don't embed the same URL in all of your online ads and just send people to your home page, expecting them to navigate to their area of interest. Use your online ad tracking to track which ads send the most people your site and which ads send visitors that convert to customers. Create specific landing pages for your print ads as well, so you can spot which publications generate the best leads for you. Advertising management helps you get the most bang for your advertising buck. Don't waste your money on publications that don't drive traffic unless you're just trying to create some brand awareness and want people to become familiar with your name. If you don't have the resources to do this yourself, consider contracing with an outside agency to do your advertising mangement for you.



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