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Usability and web site order form

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Some customers wrote to tell me that my web site order form was really hard to use. What should I do?

Usability and web site order form

First, thank your customers for taking the time to tell you that your web site order form needed some attention. Most people will just go tell other people about their poor experiences rather than the store owner. Revisit your online order form and see what improvements you can make based on their feedback. Was the process too long? Was the final price a surprise? Were not enough shipping options offered? After you've made the changes, let those customers know that you've improved the online order form. Monitor how many people abandon their shopping carts without completing the purchase and see if you can lessen that number with your changes. Add a site feedback form to make it even easier for visitors to communicate with you. Keep an open mind and remember that you may be too close to your site to see the flaws that are obvious to new visitors. Are they having trouble finding things? Rethink your web site navigation structure or add a site search option.



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