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Ensure a Safe and Secure Online Shopping Cart System

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What features help to ensure that an online shopping cart is secure?

Ensure a Safe and Secure Online Shopping Cart System

Ecommerce security is imperative for your online shopping cart. Secure shopping cart software must have features such as database encryption, password protection, secure log-in for administrators, and secure payment gateways. A secure shopping cart system uses a secure socket layer, or SSL, to protect the online shopping cart and your customers' personal information. Your online shopping cart is required to have an SSL certificate. Do not use a company that offers freeware and claims to have a secure shopping cart system, because this is a waste of time and money. Secure shopping cart software may also offer different password modes for different payment gateways, added protection from unknown websites that try to use the store checkout pages, features that prevent double clicking on the payment button, credit card overdraft problems, and a 128-bit secure server. You will also want your online shopping cart service to have the ability to verify credit card numbers and credit card security identification numbers. Most importantly, you want to know that your online shopping cart gives customers the peace of mind to shop with you.



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