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Ecommerce Web Page Design Should Include Search Engine Optimization

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Should Search Engine optimization be included in ecommerce web page design?

Ecommerce Web Page Design Should Include Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) shouldn't be forgotten when your ecommerce web page is designed. It's sometimes not considered a part of the web page design package but helping your customers find your website is critical to the success of your ecommerce business. One SEO tactic consists of incorporating keywords into the content of your web page including the meta tags, the alt tags for graphics, and usage in the titles of the page.

Keywords are those words and phrases that would be used by a potential customer to input into a search engine to find relevant websites. For example a key word would be "weddings," which is very general and would result in millions of matches from wedding gowns to rings to wedding cakes. A more refined key word phrase would be "cheap wedding gowns." If your site offers inexpensive wedding gowns, it should include the phrase "cheap wedding gowns" as well as similar phrases such as, "discount wedding gowns," "discount wedding dresses," and "budget bridal gowns." If the site targets more than one key word phrase, and it probably does, have pages designed to incorporate one keyword phrase each. Use the key word in the url of the page. For example use, as well as

Helping your customers find your ecommerce site with key words will result in higher sales for you.



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