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Ecommerce Web Site Design Impacts the Success of Your Online Store

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Is ecommerce web site design important to the success of your online store?

Ecommerce Web Site Design Impacts the Success of Your Online Store

The shopping experience of your visitor should be enjoyable and a attractive ecommerce web site design is key. If the visitor is confused as to what kind of merchandise your site offers, or to how to find the merchandise they're looking for, they'll probably give up and leave. A lost visitor means lost sales. Make sure the types of products you sell are reflected on your home page above the fold. Above the fold simply means what fits on the monitor's screen without scrolling down. Don't make the visitor scroll down page after page, or have to click on links to find out exactly what you offer.

A customer's decision to buy may be based on pictures. Make sure the photos on your site are clean and crisp. Show a thumbnail size that's linked to a bigger photo that shows more detail. Don't overcrowd the photos on the page. Grammar and spelling are important to make a good first impression. If you haven't had your site professionally written, at least hire an editor to proofread the entire site. Errors may not bother you personally, but your customer may interpret them as carelessness or laziness. If you're that lazy with your site the impression may carry over to your merchandise. A great ecommerce web site design can improve your profitability.



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