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Using a newsletter can boost your electronic commerce business

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Will a newsletter increase sales for your electronic commerce business?

Using a newsletter can boost your electronic commerce business

A newsletter can increase your profits for your electronic
commerce business. An email newsletter distributed on a consistent schedule reminds your customer of your business and your services and products. A smart strategy is to use a commercial third party to capture names and email addresses and distribute the newsletter so you don't have to worry about spam complaints. You could use a free report, discount coupon, or sample product as an enticement to get the customer's contact information.

The newsletter doesn't have to be lengthy, 1000 to 2000 words is fine. Consistency is important, it's better to send a shorter newsletter once a week than a long newsletter every
six weeks. Don't turn the newsletter into one huge advertisement for your products. Provide information about the industry, what's new overall and tips that your customers can use. Write the newsletter from the point of view of your customer. What do they want to know, not from your point of view and what you want to tell them.

Newsletters that have the first paragraph from an article
and then a link to the complete article at your website is one way to keep the email short but still include valuable information. Send the newsletter both as a plain text as well as html format. Some SPAM filters trap html emails. Using an electronic newsletter is a smart strategy for electronic commerce.



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