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Remind Clients About Abandoned Shopping Carts

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How can I reduce the abandonment rate on my ecommerce shopping cart software?

Remind Clients About Abandoned Shopping Carts

Recent research shows that nearly 60 percent of all ecommerce shopping clients abandon their carts before completing a purchase. What can you, the e-commerce merchant, do to lower that number? Here are some ideas:

* Try a new, Web 2.0 ecommerce shopping cart software, with Ajax or another software that allows drag-and-drop purchases without refreshing the page.

* Remind users that they have abandoned a cart with goods in it, before the cart expires. Email is the best way to do this, as long as your ecommerce shopping cart software captures the potential buyer's email address. You can set up atuoresponders to send these emails automatically.

* Promote return/exchange policies, allowing potential buyers to know they can make an exchange, if it turns out they don't like the purchase once it is delivered.



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