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Make Sure Your Provider Offers a Truly Complete Sales Solution

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How can I choose the right online sales solution for my business?

Make Sure Your Provider Offers a Truly Complete Sales Solution

Developing an online sales solution can be daunting, especially for newcomers. So many prospective Internet merchants turn to well-known e-commerce providers who offer turnkey online sales solutions for one monthly price. But before you settle on Yahoo or Ebay to provide your online sales solution, make sure that your prospective provider can give you everything you need:

* An e-commerce shopping cart, a merchant account and credit card processing are all required from any turnkey sales solution provider.

* How about an integrated affiliate program, which will allow others to do the selling for you? Someday you might even want to develop a public API for your site to allow affiliates to integrate directly with your ecommerce system.

* How about autoresponders, which can automate routine email responses to clients, and prospective clients? Autoresponders can even deliver electronic coupons.

* Think about a secure digital delivery system, which will allow you to sell digital content direct from your site.

So as you can see, a complete online sales solution is more than a shopping cart. Look around and make sure that any provider offering complete turnkey services can live up to its promises.



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