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Affiliates Can Create Tighter Integration

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What can I do with a public API from Amazon or Ebay?

Affiliates Can Create Tighter Integration

With the technological advances taking place as part of the movement to Web 2.0, affiliate program solutions are also making a leap. In the past, affiliates could drop a few lines of code from Amazon, or CDNow, on their site. Today, with the release of public APIs from Amazon, EBay and other Web 2.0 leaders, affiliates can develop web sites that directly integrate products and other content. What does this mean to the average affiliate? Not a whole lot at this point. But for the serious affiliate who is out to make a good living from these relationships, the opportunity is now there to create complete web sites that integrate as many different affiliate product lines directly into the site as its owner wants. You'll need help from a web developer to do this, but there's a lot of potential here that did not exist previously.



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