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Electronic Coupons: Just as Effective With No Print Costs

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How do electronic coupons work?

Electronic Coupons: Just as Effective With No Print Costs

Just because you're now doing business online, you don't have to ignore tried and true methods of obtaining and retaining customers. Take coupons, for example. Customers love coupons that offer discounts on specific purchases. Retailers love coupouns because they are effective ad tracking devices. Electronic coupons work just as well as their printed counterparts, but without the printing costs. If you want to use electronic coupons as part of your online sales solution, all you need to do is send coupon numbers via email to your customers and allow space in your shopping cart for the customer to add the number and get the promised discount. It's effective, quick and relatively easy. Electronic coupon software can be purchased as part of an integrated online sales solution or separately to build into a custom online sales solution.



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