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Amazon: World's Biggest Ecommerce Model

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Where can I see a good model of an integrated online sales solution?

Amazon: World's Biggest Ecommerce Model

If you're looking for a model of a total online sales solution that integrates an ecommerce shopping cart with effective sales and marketing tools, is a great example. If you've shopped regularly at, you've likely noticed some or all of the following:
* uses cookies to recognize you each time you return.
* makes shopping suggestions based on previous shopping patterns.
*'s ecommerce shopping cart remembers items you put in the cart but didn't buy on previous visits.
* sends opt-in emails to customers suggesting purchases based on previous shopping patterns.
* has an effective and well-known affiliate sales program.
* uses electronic coupons directly integrated into the ecommerce shopping cart.
* allows anyone to submit reviews and comments about products to create an effective consumer review bank.
Amazon has spent millions developing custom tools. But most of these applications described above can also be purchased as part of a small business online sales solution, often as integrated parts of an overall hosted ecommerce package. So Amazon is a great model to study as you attempt to build your own online sales solution.



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