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What They Say; What They Mean

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Isn't an ecommerce shopping cart the entire ecommerce solution?

What They Say; What They Mean

So if an ecommerce shopping cart is merely a piece of the overall ecommerce software picture, why is the term often used to mean the entire picture? Like when someone says "Coke" to mean a soft-drink or "Band-Aid" for any kind of protective strip, the term e-commerce shopping cart has taken on a bigger meaning than its official meaning. Often, when you hear or read the term "ecommerce shopping cart," the speaker or writer is actually talking about the entire ecommerce solution, which can include the merchant account, secure server, product database and even marketing tools like automatic responders and email lists. So if you're researching an e-commerce shopping cart solution for your business, remember to make sure you are clear on what exactly is meant when someone refers to an "ecommerce shopping cart."



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