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Step-by-step on how ecommerce credit card processing works.

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How does credit card processing work?

Step-by-step on how ecommerce credit card processing works.

How ecommerce credit card processing can be boiled down to a few steps. First, your customer enters their credit card information on your ecommerce web site. Depending on your ecommerce web host, the request for payment will be routed either directly or through a third party to a transaction gateway. The gateway then routes the purchase information, including credit card information, to a credit card processing agency which contacts the customer's bank via electronic means. At that point, the bank will either approve or decline the transaction. The transaction information from the bank is routed back through the gateway and to the ecommerce software on the web server. Approval or denial is then handled by the ecommerce application. While complex, the entire process will take less than 30 seconds to complete.



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