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Traffic does not always equal sales.

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Why do I get a lot of search engine traffic and not a lot of sales?

Traffic does not always equal sales.

Bringing web site traffic in is only part of the equation when it comes to online business. Converting those leads into paying customers is what it's all about from your angle. One reason you may not be converting as high as you'd like is that your web site may not be intuitive for the purchaser. The solution: consider split testing software. When you run a split test, the user experience is changed slightly for a percentage of your traffic. As you guide the customer through your e-shop, some will take the existing path, and others will go through the new split test path. When you check your web stats, you can see how the modifications worked out to cold cash conversions, and continue tweaking from there. All of the pathing takes place automatically if you have the right split testing software, so choose wisely.



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