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B2B: More Firepower on the Application

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Are B2B web applications different from normal web applications?

B2B: More Firepower on the Application

B2B web applications are intended to enable or improve business transactions both inside the internet business iteself or between two or more companies. Because Business to Business ecommerce applications are generally higher volume, they tend to need a stronger web server, more cautiously written code (a failure can cause millions of dollars in losses) and must contain transactional logging on in the web application development. B2B web applications also usually manage supply and delivery of goods both to the purchaser and from the suppliers. All these factors mean you need a sturdy platform and 100% bug-free code. A small business web site can usually get by on a shared server from their ecommerce web hosting service, and the web site application does not have to account for every step of a transaction as closely as its B2B counterpart.



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