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Control Panel and FTP Usage

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My control panel offers separate accounts for ftp users. What does that mean?

Control Panel and FTP Usage

Most control panel software offers something similar. In essence, some people will have the ability to place files on your server and others want. Ftp is a file transfer protocol which most control panel software lets you set up separate user names and passwords to access. So your regular users can get their email but cannot add or delete!) files from your web site. Your ftp users might be an out-sourced web site team. Your web design firm can update your web site at they need to without you having to be present or do anything. But they will not be able to access anything else, like people's email. Also, you might want to set up a "guest" spot on your web site and have on particular folder set aside to exchange files with clients and such. You would use your control panel software to manage the directories and set up special ftp accounts that only have access to particular directories. If you want multiple to have access to a certain set of folders and don't really care who sees them, you can set up an anonymous ftp account.



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