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Online ad tracking

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Do I have to just trust the online ad tracking offered by the people I'm buying the ad space from?

Online ad tracking

Online ad tracking is available for both sides of the process. The people selling you the ad space need to track impressions and click-throughs to charge you appropriatel. But you are correct to be concerned about potentially fraudulaent or inaccurate charges. You should use online ad tracking that lets you monito traffice, impressions, and click-throughs on your own ads. Click-fraud can make all your marketing efforts on pay-per-click ads worthless. Online ad tracking and other solutions should help you analyze incoming traffice, site usage, and conversion statistics for each of your compaigns and different traffic sources. Find out whether people are coming to your site via your newsletter, a pay-per-click ad, or search engine results. Analyze which visitors turn into customers. It doesn't do any good to pay for ads that drive traffic to your site if the percentage of visitors converting to customers is too small. Make sure your ad management solutions help you track the most effective means of conversion. And make sure you're not getting charged for fraudulent click-throughs.



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