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Creating online order forms

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How much technical knowledge do I need to know to go about creating online order forms?

Creating online order forms

Online order forms take a small bit of technical knowledge and a fair bit of understanding about customers and usability. Many ecommerce software packages will allow non-technical people to be creating online order forms. Good manners are as important on the web as they are for a sales clerk making a sale in person. Be polite, don't ask nosy questions, offer as much help as you can without being intrusive. If a customer fills out your web site order form incorrectly, make sure your error messages are polite and informative. Don't just say "Wrong!" with no advice for the poor customer who made a mistake. Likewise, don't wipe out all the information they entered on your web page order form and make them re-enter everything from scratch. If you do, many customers will just leave your site and go elsewhere to buy.



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