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Types of E-commerce Web Hosting

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What are the types of e-commerce web hosting that is available?

Types of E-commerce Web Hosting

There are various types of e-commerce web hosting available. These can have a variety of packages for different types of online shopping cart hosting with different products, bandwidth, and features. Different e-commerce web hosting also varies on its pricing structure, which could center on selecting monthly or annual fees. The e-commerce web hosting platform comes from the provider, and then the hosted shopping cart is activated without you having to do anything on your end. The e-commerce web hosting typically includes an administration area that offers different services through an interface to oversee the shopping cart web hosting. In this area, the e-commerce web hosting will allow for a product catalog to be managed, including defining and changing prices or altering the storefront design. These types of e-commerce web hosting options usually allow limited access to the source code so the functionality tends to be static. E-commerce web hosting solutions also come in the form of distributed shopping cart web hosting. The online shopping cart hosting is sold at a fixed price, and the software is installed on a server for more freedom and functionality. However, e-commerce web hosting from a provider is often preferred, because there is more support and providers are typically easier to use.



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