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Finding the Best Online Payment Gateway for Online Shopping Carts

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What should I look for in online payment gateways for online shopping carts?

Finding the Best Online Payment Gateway for Online Shopping Carts

Online shopping carts require an online credit card payment gateway. To find the best online payment gateway, be sure to outline the features that fit with your retail strategy. You should also consider these other services that you need from an online payment system. Since online payment gateways generally do not require software and a secure online payment gateway works from your computer or web server, other features become the primary concern for online shopping carts. Look for the type of security features available for an online shopping cart to ensure that it is a secure online payment gateway, making sure it meets all the standards devised by the credit card associations. The payment gateway should be able to work with any major payment processor and hundreds of types of online shopping carts. Online payment solutions should also include high-volume processing capacity to cover you during the busiest buying periods, easy integration for no compatibility issues or increased developer costs, and a virtual terminal so you can accept payments via phone, fax, or e-mail, as well as through online shopping carts.



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