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Cyber Security is Critical for Your Ecommerce Business

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Is cyber security necessary to protect your customer's information from identity theft?

Cyber Security is Critical for Your Ecommerce Business

Phishing is an Internet scam targeted on stealing financial and personal information and can lead to identity theft. It's critical that you protect your customer's information while they're using your online shopping cart and payment gateway. Cyber security is important to keep any customer's personal information safe. Here's how a phisher could use information stolen from your site:

The phisher hacks into your database and acquires the customer's name and email address. They then send official looking emails which look and read as if they've been sent from recognizable credit unions, banks, or other financial institutions. The return email address is similar to the financial institutions, even the logo is copied. The phisher may not know which customer uses which bank, but the odds are that there will be quite a few matches if the phisher uses major national banks.

The email may say the account has been put on hold because of unusual activity, is being reviewed, needs verification or is suspended. The customer is asked to click on a link which takes them to a bogus website and reaffirm their account, by entering their personal and financial information. After the information is collected, the phisher uses the information to steal the identity of the recipient, drain their account, or set up new credit cards.

Cyber security is important. Protect your customer's information even if all you track is their name and email address.



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