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Phishing: Why Ecommerce Security is Important

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Is Phishing a reason ecommerce security is Important for you online store?

Phishing: Why Ecommerce Security is Important

Ecommerce security is a vital part of your online store for both your customer and for you. It's more common to feel comfortable using a credit card online these days, but it still can be risky. Asking your customer to complete a purchase by providing their financial information in an online form that isn't secure is asking for trouble. The information is available for phishing scams.

Phishing is a common Internet scam often conducted by email. The customer is baited to reveal their personal information such as bank account, social security number, and credit card numbers. The bait can be that a recent purchase is being questioned or that their information is incorrect and needs to be input again. It's critical to have this type of customer information protected on your website and in your databases.

In the Untied States 1.2 million people lost nearly a billion dollars through phishing schemes. Nearly 1 in 20 users of computers fall for a phishing scheme.

Most phishers use email but the phone has also been used. The phisher leaves a message on the customer's answering service saying they are XYZ bank, that there is a problem with their bank account and to please call a number that is set up with a recording. The customer calls and gets a voice mail which identifies themselves as XYZ bank and then asks the customer to provide their account number and PIN.

Protect your customers from phishing scams: Make sure ecommerce security a high priority for your online store.



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