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Accept Credit Cards: Open a Merchant Account

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Why your online store should accept credit cards

Accept Credit Cards: Open a Merchant Account

Accepting credit cards at your ecommerce site is now a necessity. If the customer can't use their credit card to buy your products the odds are they'll just leave your site and find an ecommerce business that does accept credit cards. Credit card acceptance increases the credibility of your site and therefore your products.

Accepting credit cards online requires that you open a merchant account and use a gateway processor to communicate between your site, the customer's credit card account and your merchant account. The customer decides which products they would like to buy and includes them in their online shopping cart. When they've finished shopping they check out. The customer inputs their personal information and their credit card information into a form that's hosted securely at your site. The credit card information is encrypted by the gateway processor and sent to the customer's credit card account and then credited to your merchant account. The process is seamless and the customer is probably not even aware that there has been a gateway processor involved in the transaction.

If your ecommerce site offers payment by credit card it's mandatory that a gateway processor is used in the transaction. Accepting credit cards can boost the revenue from your ecommerce site.



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