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An Ecommerce Site is More than Just a Home Page

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Why you need more than just a home page, online shopping cart and a catalog to open an ecommerce site?

An Ecommerce Site is More than Just a Home Page

Don't throw together a product catalog, online shopping cart and a home page and think your ecommerce site is ready to go. Your customer needs to trust you before they purchase. One way to encourage that trust is to provide information about your products, of course, but also free information that's related to your product. The free information can be a download-able PDF file or presented online as part of your ecommerce site.

Everyone loves tips and hints. Perhaps you could come up with a Ten Tips Sheet that your visitor can take away with them. Every time they look at the tips sheet it will remind them of your ecommerce site. Product specification sheets are a help to your customers if they are comparing different product brands. Offering a printer friendly version of the sheets makes it easy to compare the specifications side by side which is difficult to do online.

More than one way to contact your company increases the level of trust. Include an email address, phone number, physical address and fax number. An 800 number is a nice touch if the volume of your sales allows it. There are companies who will not only provide the number but also answer the phone for you. Increase the trust level between your company and your customer and you'll increase sales.



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