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Use Keywords to Increase Traffic

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What are key words and how can they be used as an effective ecommerce strategy?

Use Keywords to Increase Traffic

Visitors need a way to find your website. Using key words as a search engine optimization technique is one way to get targeted traffic to your ecommerce site; using keywords to increase targeted traffic is an effective ecommerce strategy.

Key words are the phrases that people put into a search engine to find the products that they need. When you're developing your ecommerce website make sure you use relevant key words. Think about the problem that your products solve. A general key word such as "shoes" gets millions of matches. The phrase should reflect what you offer specifically. If you offer women's designer shoes in Dallas, Texas your key word phrase might be "women's designer shoes Dallas." If you offer large sizes then "women's designer shoes large sizes" would be appropriate.
Use one key word phrase, or a series of related key word phrases, for each page of your website. Use the phrase in your Meta tags, Meta description and title in the code of the pages. Use it as the main heading and several times in the content of the page.

Search engines look for what the page is about when they spider the page. Seeing the same phrase(s) used throughout tells them to rank that page for that key word phrase.
When customers put the key word phrase "women's designer shoes large sizes" in the search engine your page should rank higher than another page which doesn't have that specific phrase. The higher the page rank in the search results the better. Customers tend to just look at the first page of the rankings and decide on one of those sites to visit.



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