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Setting Up an Autoresponder

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Is an autoresponder series an affordable e-commerce solution for marketing?

Setting Up an Autoresponder

Marketing research has shown that it takes an average of seven times of exposure before a potential customer is aware of a product and ready to buy. Is there a way to get that exposure on the Internet?

It may seem impossible since unlike other mediums of advertising, such as print and TV, you can't show your ads, your website that is, unless your visitor voluntarily returns. But there is a way. A series of messages can be sent to your visitors on a predetermined schedule automatically.

An auto-responder series is exactly that, a series of pre-written emails that are automated to be sent on schedule to anyone who provides their name and email address. The auto-responder program can handle thousands of different emails on different schedules once it's set up. Keep the number of the series reasonable, after all you don't want to irritate your potential customer by bombarding them with a message every day for weeks.

The trick is to coax the visitor into giving you his/her email address. That can be done by offering a free ebook, report, audio book or a discount coupon. The second trick is to keep the email messages as noncommercial as possible while still promoting the product. Not an easy task, but you want your potential customers to open each of the emails sent by the auto-responder and read them. Not just hit the delete key.

An auto-responder series can put your product in front of your customer automatically.



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