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Autoresponders Should Be Part of Your eCommerce Internet Solution

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How can autoresponders be part of your ecommerce Internet solution?

Autoresponders Should Be Part of Your eCommerce Internet Solution

Congratulations! Your ecommerce site is buzzing and you can barely keep up with the emails from customers asking questions... the same questions, over and over. An auto-responder is your ecommerce Internet solution for this dilemma.

An auto-responder is an email address that responds automatically with a pre-written message to any email delivered to it. FAQs (frequently asked questions) on a web page are a valuable means of helping customers decide whether to purchase a product. However, those FAQs can be difficult to find. By the time the customer has found the FAQs page, waded through all the questions they don't need answered, they may lose interest in your product. Or just give up and leave your website completely.

Including a question such as "Need more information?" Or "Find out more" at the end of the product description with a link to email your auto-responder gives the customer a fast easy way to get the information they need. No need to look for any FAQ page. As a bonus when your customer receives the message they're reminded to go back to your site.

Several auto-responders can be set up, each scripted to answer a different question. Your customer gets the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.



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