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Promoting Your Ecommerce Software Shop

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Do I need to promote my ecommerce software shop?

Promoting Your Ecommerce Software Shop

All the time and effort you put into creating a shop with ecommerce software isn't very useful if no customers show up. That is why promoting your shop is really important.

To promote your e-commerce software shop, you should:

•Set yourself up as the go-to guy or girl for your product's field. People like to buy from an expert over someone less knowledgeable. Becoming an expert is as easy as writing a few articles and having them published through sites like or willingly giving quotes to people writing on your product's field.

•Write a press release that features your online store in a news angle. (In this case, the “news” can be the fact that your store is new.) Post it on an internet press release service such as,, or the Optimized Press Release Service on And don't forget to email it to business contacts and the media as well. Not only will this add search engine ranking to your company's name, but there is the possibility that a local or trade-specific publication will want to write about your story or interview you as an expert commentator.

•Make sure you take advantage of all of the tools your e-commerce software company offers. Network Solutions has several tools you can use to promote your site.

It's worth it to go the extra mile when promoting your new e-commerce software. Build it, promote it, and the customers will come.



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