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Online Shopping Cart Security

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Should I worry about online shopping cart security?

Online Shopping Cart Security

Whenever you collect someone's personal information, data security is a big concern. Since online shopping carts collect financial information, security is especially important. To be sure this information is as secure as possible, you should:

  • Look for an online shopping cart provider that frequently evaluates and updates software to be sure any common security issues are avoided and new issues are addressed quickly.
  • Make sure that any offline data is just as safe. If you print off orders with customers' personal information on them, make sure you don't leave them where someone else can browse through them.
  • Network Solutions E-commerce is CISP compliant - A VISA certification, CISP Compliance is a confirmation technique that's designed to ensure the security of a credit card transaction.
  • Having an SSL Security Certificate boosts your credibility for purchase from site visitors because it validates your business and encrypts your information.



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