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Creative Ways to Use an Autoresponder

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What can I do with an Autoresponder?

Creative Ways to Use an Autoresponder

What can you do with autoresponder software besides automatically respond to email? Here are five ideas on how you can use an autoresponder to enhance your web business:

* Create hidden pages with special deals available only to those who request the autoresponder to send them the address.

* Offer a trial version of your product to those who request it through an auto-responder -- works best with products that can be delivered digitally.

* Create quizzes on your site and place the answers in an autoresponder.

* Distribute an email course on how to use your product.

Remember, the goal here is to interest casual users of your site enough to prompt them to give their email address to the autoresponder. All of the above are creative ideas to give you a start.



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