Shopping Cart Frequently Asked Questions

What is shopping cart software?

When do I need shopping cart software?

What else do I need besides an Internet shopping cart?

How can I decide which is the best shopping cart software for my site?

What does ecommerce software do?

How do I pick a good ecommerce solution?

Can an ecommerce shopping cart help me convert visitors to customers?

How do auto responders work with ecommerce software?

Can ecommerce software integrate with my customer database?

How do I use free shopping cart software?

Can free shopping cart software just collect the data so I can process the credit card payments with my phone and in-person orders at the end of the d

Can free ecommerce software be configured to look like my web site?

Can I sell e-books and services using free shopping cart software?

Can a free shopping cart calculate the sales tax I need to figure out?

How do I build a web store?

What software do I need to build an internet store?

Do I have to have a web site to have a web store?

What is a turnkey internet store?

How much will it cost me to have a web store?

Why do I want an ASP shopping cart?

What is ASP?

What are the fees associated with an ASP shopping cart?

What is ASP software?

What do I need to start my ebusiness?

How can I sell things online?

I want to sell e-books and other digital media online. How is that different than selling hard goods? Do I need a special ebusiness solution?

How can I automatically send emails to people who have bought things from me in the past?

How can I set up a franchise-like operation on the web, so that other people can sell my things for me?

How can I improve my ebusiness software sales?

Do all ebusiness solution providers let me take credit cards for payment?

What is a merchant account and why do I need one with my ebusiness software?

What is a "card not present" merchant account?

Why should I take credit cards? Don't they cost a lot?

If I already have a merchant account for my store, why do I need an internet merchant account?

If I take credit card payments online, can I take them in person as well?

What is a discount rate?

What is a cgi shopping cart?

What can a cgi script shopping cart do?

Can I teach myself cgi using a cgi tutorial?

I want to create a perl shopping cart. How co I get started?

Can a cgi script shopping cart work on any web site?

Why do I need a secure shopping cart?

What features should I look for in a secure ecommerce shopping cart?

In addition to a security concerns, what else should I worry about when selecting a secure shopping cart?

How can I tell if a shopping cart in an online store uses secure SSL?

What is secure SSL?

How does affiliate tracking software work?

Affiliate service tracking software has so many features. How do I know which features are important?

Is tracking affiliate programs a lot of work or can it be set up pretty easily?

Does affiliate program tracking software help me recruit partners?

I want to make some money from affiliate sales tracking. How can I be the most effective at this?

Why do I need a payment gateway if I've already got a merchant account?

What exactly does an internet payment gateway do?

Will any shopping cart work with any credit cart payment gateway?

What features should I look for in an online payment gateway?

How does this whole online buying thing work?

Can I get an internet shopping cart that integrates with inventory tracking software?

How can inventory control software help me sell more?

Can inventory tracking help me stay in touch with my customers?

Can asset inventory and tracking software help me track the cost of goods sold?

Is there anything special I should know about inventory tracking software if I'm going to run an import business?

What is an electronic coupon program?

I've used printed coupons to drive foot traffic into my store. How can I use an electronic coupon service to boost sales to my online store?

Is an electronic coupon a good incentive to convince people to take a survey? I'm trying to gather some information to help me improve my online store

I'd like to use ecoupons to drive traffic to my online store but won't everyone just share them with their friends?

What is an ecoupon?

If I use an ecoupon to offer discounts, what kind of security issues do I need to be aware of?

I have a lot of people starting to buy things through my online order forms and then stop at the final step and leave the web site. What am I doing wr

I got a free online order form and now I'm going to customize it for my store. What are the general best practices for designing forms?

I know I should make my web site order form as simple as possible, but how can I collect information about my customers if I don't do it there?

How much technical knowledge do I need to know to go about creating online order forms?

Some customers wrote to tell me that my web site order form was really hard to use. What should I do?

What kinds of features should I look for when selecting shipping software?

What is a multi carrier shipping system?

How can multi-carrier shipping software provide me with a competitive advantage?

I want to ship my products to customers using both Fedex and UPS. Does that mean I need two different pieces of shipping software?

We've been calculating shipping charges by hand. Why should I switch to a shipping software solution?

I have a web site that gets a lot of traffic and I think I can sell ad space on it. Is there such a thing as ad management software to help me accompl

I'm selling some ad space on my web site but I want to be able to track which ads perform best on which pages and easily switch things around.

Do I have to just trust the online ad tracking offered by the people I'm buying the ad space from?

What kinds of things do ad management solutions do for me?

I've been running ads in various places, but frankly I can't tell whether they've done any good or not. What kind of advertising management can I do t

Can sales lead generation help me close more sales?

Our sales cycles are too long. What can lead generation software do to help us?

I don't want to pay for leads that don't turn into sales. How do I know which lead generation programs work for me?

My sales staff isn't technically trained to do internet lead generation but I think I need to move in that direction. What options do I have?

My sales force is far-flung. Can sales lead software still be effective?

What is a web site control panel?

I see that my web control panel offers auto responders. What is that?

My control panel offers separate accounts for ftp users. What does that mean?

If my web control panel includes shopping cart control software, do I still need to buy shopping cart software?

My control panel software says it supports subdomains. What are those?

I never buy anything online, so I don't need to worry about online fraud, right?

Do I need any kind of fraud prevention software to run my small business?

What kinds of business use fraud protection software?

What do I need to know about fraud detection software if I'm going to do business online?

How can fraud protection prevention software tell if something fishy is going on?

How do I protect myself against online fraud?

Should my ecommerce web site use SSL?

I have seen ecommerce software packages out there, are they any good?

There are a lot of ecommerce terms I don't understand. Is there a glossary?

I have a small shop, how can the web and ecommerce help me?

What do I need to start my ecommerce web site?

What ecommerce software package should I choose?

Should I launch a static or dynamic ecommerce web site?

What is ecommerce?

Why do I need web content management?

If I have a lot of content on my website, is there a content management tool that can make my life easier?

What are some good content management systems?

Whats Enterprise mean in content content

Do I need an HTML editor to create web pages?

What are wysiwyg html editors?

How much HTML do I need to know to use a web content management system?

Where can I read up about use of a content management system and what it offers?

How can I research a content management system to figure out my needs?

What should I look for in ecommerce web hosting for my ecommerce site?

Should I choose to run my service / store on Unix or Windows?

What are the benefits of opening an online store or service?

What level of service do I need from my Ecommerce Web Hosting service?

How much will online store hosting cost?

What is an ecommerce web hosting service?

What is one of the more important services my ecommerce web hosting service should offer?

For my ecommerce web site design, what are my choices?

What types of ecommerce design services are available online?

What is the difference between a web designer and a print designer?

Do I build out my own site or should I hire someone to do it?

Can I use ready-made templates in my ecommerce web site design?

What are "alt" tags and how do they play into my ecommerce web site design.

Should I use a FAQ page in my ecommerce web site development?

How do I choose an ecommerce solution provider?

How can I build out my own internet shop quickly?

How much should I pay for an ecommerce solution?

How many products can I list using an ecommerce soluton?

What features should I look for in an ecommerce web site solution?

How can I manage special discounts and gift certificates through ecommerce solutions?

Are B2B web applications different from normal web applications?

Do I need to meet certain volumes to use b2b?

I have a great idea. How do I make it a reality?

Whats the difference between b2b and b2c?

What are some large companies I have heard of that deal with business to business ecommerce?

I keep running out of stock. How can the internet inventory management help me?

What are some examples of inventory management software applications I can use?

What is a SKU in terms of inventory management?

How much skill do I have to have to implement an inventory management solution?

I have a business, but no one on the internet can find me. Why?

What is involved with marketing my internet business?

I have a sales promotion coming up, how can I let people know about it?

How do I avoid being considered as a spammer?

I have a customer list I need to send mails to every week. What should I do?

How can I build my customer base quickly?

What are some email marketing goals I can set for my online business?

Is there a best time to send out my email marketing?

How are my products for my e-store saved online?

Is there a difference between web site database software?

Are there separate fees for database hosting as opposed to web site hostong?

How should I organize my products for my online store?

Do I need a database design if I want my customers to be able to search for products?

Why should I consider a web site database for my products?

How many templates will I need for my site with a web site database?

If my web site crashes, what happens?

My ecommerce web hosting service offers a control panel. Will that help me with my web site maintenance?

What happens if I want to add a new email address to my internet business website?

What size does my site need to be to require a web site management service?

What is a "backlink" and how does it affect my web site optimization?

What are some easy things I can do to my website to make it a search engine friendly design?

Does flash make a difference in search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

Once I am optimized, how long will it take to get on the search engines?

I've heard hyperlinks play a huge role in search engine optimization. How does it work?

How many keywords should I target on my website for web site optimization?

Is there a way to test new ideas on my customers?

How does a split testing script work and how will it benefit my business?

Why do I get a lot of search engine traffic and not a lot of sales?

Are newsletters a good idea to keep a customer relationship?

How can I manage my customer list online?

What functions does CRM serve for my online business?

Does a CRM allow storage sensitive documents online for my customers and business associates?

What types of CRM software are available to me and which should I choose?

What should I look for in my CRM software solution?

Where should I look to learn more about customer relationship management software (CRM)?

What types of payments can I accept with my online shop?

What is a chargeback and how does that affect my credit card processing?

What is an echeck?

What's so great about PayPal?

Should I use a merchant account or a 3rd party for ecommerce credit card processing?

How does credit card processing work?

What are the benefits of signing up for an online pay pal store?

I need more customers! How can I get more traffic to my internet business?

How does Pay Per Click work for getting traffic to my e-store?

How much should I spend on generating traffic for my internet business?

How do I know if I have web site traffic analysis on my server?

Does speed of my site have any impact on my web traffic?

How do I choose the right keywords to increase my web site traffic?

Which search engine directories are good to increase web site traffic?

Are online purchases tax free?

How much of my online store profit must I report to the IRS?

Do I charge an internet sales tax on my items sold through my e-store?

Aside from the actual goods and services, what should I charge my customers for?

Why do I need autoresponder software as part of my overall ebusiness software package?

What do I need to know about choosing an ecommerce provider

How does an ASP shopping cart work?

How does a software-based shopping cart work?

How much should I pay for an ecommerce shopping cart solution?

How do I choose an Ecommerce provider?

How much ecommerce automation can I do?

How important is scalability in an ecommerce shopping cart solution?

Is Paypal worth considering?

Can I get an ecommerce shopping cart solution from my hosting provider?

How can I get an affiliate program going on my site?

How do I know which type of affiliate program solution works best for me?

How do I do outreach for my affiliate program?

What is an automatic responder?

How do I choose an automatic responder?

How do I choose the right affiliate program solution?

How can I become an affiliate?

Can a blog be an affiliate program solution?

What is Buy TV?

How can I successfully manage my affiliates?

What should I look for in ad management software?

What is Microsoft's AdCenter?

What's Yahoo's 'Project Panama'?

Why is online advertising growing so fast?

How can you get best ad campaign tracking on Google?

How can I get better tracking than Analytics from a Google campaign?

How can I run and track banner ads on my site?

Can you track mobile ads?

Do I need real-time ad campaign tracking software?

What is an ecommerce shopping cart?

Isn't an ecommerce shopping cart the entire ecommerce solution?

What do I need to know before starting out?

How can I get a custom ecommerce shopping cart?

When should I consider a web-based ecommerce shopping cart?

When should I consider a software-based ecommerce shopping cart?

What should I expect to pay for a web-based shopping cart?

Who are the leading web-based ecommerce shopping cart providers?

Who are the best-known software-based ecommerce providers?

What's included in an ecommerce software package?

What do I need to know about shopping carts?

Why do I need a merchant account?

What else do I need to have to build an ecommerce solution?

What else can ecommerce software do?

How do I choose between web-based and software-based ecommerce solutions?

What is an autoresponder?

How can I find the right ecommerce shopping cart software for my business?

What should I expect to pay for an ecommerce solution?

Who offers the best ecommerce solutions?

I have ecommerce shopping cart software. What else do I need?

Where can I see a good model of an integrated online sales solution?

How can I get customers to come to my site?

How do electronic coupons work?

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